Sales & Marketing

The management of the sales is the most difficult thing in the management of the company. The management of the sales team of the Patent company has always insisted on adjusting the pace in the existing system.

“One year’s plan is spring, and one day’s plan is in the morning.”

(1)Sales meeting in the morning

In order to fulfill our commitment of cargoes volume to support carrier, we have a 10-15 minute sales meeting in the morning. The market information is conveyed, the freight rate is updated and the target sales in the market are confirmed.。

Sales meeting
Build up a great sales team

(2)Build up a great sales team

As a top priority of our business, Sales staff are properly trained and are encouraged to take an initiative in their job so as to build up an enthusiastic, energetic, professional and highly efficient team.

(3)Sales Performance Board

We update Sales staff’s position in the “Sales Performance Board” according to their performance (volume/profits) every month.

Sales Staff’s Performance Board

(4)Client Information

Client information is valuable assets of our business;Every client information is kept in a separate file.
Some VIP clients are taken special care by a team.